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AutoImmune Issues

Leaky Gut: The Root of Allergies, Sensitivities and Autoimmune Disorders Having a healthy gut is the first step to reclaiming your health. Think about it, the food and drink that pass your lips, go down your esophagus, into your stomach and through your intestines,  literally become your cells that make up the systems of your…

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What Labs Are Needed to Diagnose Thyroid Problems?

How Does My Thyroid Work? Part 2 What Labs Are Needed to Diagnose Thyroid Problems? Fatigued? Can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Have to take naps to get through your day? Dry skin, hair, nether regions? Constipated? Periods messed up? Mood swings? You have had some labs done, but your doctor tells…

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How Does My Thyroid Work?

  Hey Hey y’all!! This is one of my favorite topics.  It’s such a favorite topic I created a free eBook about how to start the healing process if you have Hashimoto’s – the most common cause of hypothyroidism… Anyhow… This is the first in a series about the Thyroid, how it works when it’s…

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