NOOOO!!! Not another diet!!

  • I have tried everything, seriously, and can’t lose weight. I feel so defeated.


  • I am soo sick of the yo-yo dieting


  • I don’t even eat anything and I gain weight


  • I have had this weight problem my whole life


  • I never had a weight problem until I had my kids


  • I turned 30, 35, 40...and I started gaining


  • It’s normal to gain weight as we age


  • It’s hard to lose weight after menopause


  • I really only need to lose 10 pounds but I am stuck


  • I reached a plateau and the scale won’t budge


  • You don’t want to buy that bigger size...again...


  • You have a wedding, reunion or some other big event coming up in a few months...You can’t even get up off the floor any more after playing with your kids


  • You’re embarrassed to travel by plane...


  • You can’t find shoes to fit right any more


  • You’re tired of feeling like crap


  • Your sick fill in the blank...


  • You would like, scuba, walk without knee pain...


  • How would your life be different if you did lose the weight? Specifically...


  • What habits do you actually enjoy that are keeping the weight on?


  • What could replace those habits?


  • Being healthy is a great reason, but WHY would being healthy benefit you and your family?


  • How would being healthy change your life? Is this scary? Exciting?

Did you recognize yourself?

I totally get this issue! Not only from a doctor:patient perspective, but a personal one, as well. I danced as a kid and our dance teacher was pretty hard-nosed about being a certain weight by the day of the recital. My mom and sister were always naturally thin, too...Geez...who knew that would turn into life-long body image issues and weight control nightmares?


Because I was in private practice and preached nutrition, I have always kept my weight more or less under control. It just didn’t seem right telling patients to do things that I wasn’t willing to do, as well. However, in the late 1990’s I decided I was going to really get a handle on this thing, FOOD, that seemed to control my every decision. I read tons of books and went on a bunch of plans - I finally found a combination of things that worked for me...until I had my kids at 40 years old.


All bets were off.  All the normal things that worked before were not working.  I looked at my adrenals, blood sugar, sleep, work-outs, water intake, everything. I finally, sort of, gave up...


Then, as fate would have it, I ran into a girlfriend at a seminar. She had lost a bunch of weight and was keeping it off. She told me her secret. I started on that program and lost the 40 pounds, in about 3 months, I had been lugging around for 5 years! I got my body back! I was able to keep that weight off for 5 years until I went through menopause.  I dinked around with a few new programs but eventually went back to the one that worked in the first place. I am happily at my normal weight again.


There are a lot of programs and many ways to lose weight.  I offer several programs in my office that we can custom tailor to your needs. I have found that weight loss is not a one size fits all deal.  Sometimes you have to get really creative to get the scale started and keeping it moving down.  We have also gotten real with the fact there are also Non-Scale victories that happen along the weight loss journey:

  • New clothing size even without the scale moving
  • Better endurance while walking
  • Less joint pain
  • Going to a party or family event and navigating the food in a new way
  • Learning skills to create new habits around food
  • Realizing food doesn’t have to control you any more


There are many more! Accountability and keeping track of what you’re eating are the biggest predictors of weight loss and weight maintenance. We provide a framework for both of those things.


First, let’s make sure there aren’t any underlying issues like adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies or anything else...And then, let’s figure out what program will suit you best to reach your goals! Let’s chat for 15 minutes...come on...let’s get started losing weight but this time can be the last time...

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