When was the last time you sprung out of bed, clear headed, ready to face your day?

Do you have all the energy you need?


  • When was the last time you didn’t have to take a nap everyday?
  • DO you miss activities?
  • Were you embarrassed when your boss called on your during a meeting and you had dozed off or  checked out?
  • Are you able to get through all of your house-work without resting?
  • Are you just tired and feel like CRAP!
  • And are you irritable by 4pm?

There is so much more to life than dragging yourself around by the back of your blouse.

Did you know that fatigue isn’t just about sleep??

Fatigue can be boiled down to 6 main issues:

  1. Sleep quality and quantity
  2. Hormonal shifts
  3. Neurotransmitter imbalance
  4. Adrenal Imbalance
  5. Blood sugar imbalance
  6. Vitamin and or mineral deficiencies

This is the most common complaint I hear every day! And, more and more is expected out of you at work. And you're paid less, with more hours.

SO, you are stressed about

  • money,
  • your health
  • time,
  • kids,
  • spouse,
  • how you're  supposed to look, and
  • what to wear,  and
  • who we are to be seen with...on and on - it’s exhausting.  And that is just the mental component!


There are answers! !
So, let’s figure this out together.

What if there was a new perspective?

What if you saw this from a different perspective?

First, I have nothing against our "traditional medicine" for acute health crises.

So you know, your traditionally trained doctor has had about 7 hours in nutritional training. And they aren't trained  to read labs from a functional perspective. I know, its mind blowing...

But, the good news is, there is a different way to look at your labs. And we can assess all your lifestyle habits to get to the root cause.

From the Functional perspective, I believe your body is doing its best to stay healthy.

When you give the right “ingredients”, food, water, movement, sleep and positive thoughts and feelings, your body will reward you with “feeling awesome”.

However, when any of this is out of balance, your body gets out of balance. Then, you start feeling crappy.

Unfortunately, there is not a magic pill or drug for “I feel like crap”. 

I will look at things from an “Optimal Health” perspective. Because in the long run, this is what you want...optimal health, right?


Functional Ranges are Different

I will look at your labs. However I run a Functional Health Panel. It includes

  • additional thyroid tests,
  • functional tests for vitamin deficiencies,
  • Vitamin D, a complete iron panel and more.
  • We can look at hormones or adrenals if necessary.

Let’s just say there are lots of things to look at and a new pair of eyes with Functional Medicine lenses that will ferret out your issues.  To find the root of your fatigue, is somewhat like Sherlock Holmes looking for the final clue. And this is one of my favorite parts of being a Functional Medicine doc, finding the needle in the haystack!

You Can Heal

You can totally have energy!  You will need some time to work on your lifestyle and replace what is missing. This can take some time.

If your vitamin or mineral bucket has been empty for a while, it is going to take a few months to get it filled back up. However, you can feel better sooner than that. 

Bottom line, you really don’t have to feel so tired...You can have endless energy!

Go ahead and make that appointment for your free phone consultation...CLICK HERE and really get a better understanding of the Functional Medicine approach to healing your fatigued body.

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