PMS, Heavy Periods, and More Joys of Being Female

PMS, or finding the resolution to PMS, is what landed me in Functional Medicine in the first place.  It’s kind of a long story, suffice it to say, I cleaned up my diet, and found the right resources for the right supplements. Within a couple months, my life was very different! And, by the way, this CAN be done without taking more hormones, most of the time.


I am here to tell you...You do not have to live like this:


  1. Feeling horrible 2-3 weeks out of the month, and the one week you feel good, you are bleeding!
  2. Dr Jekyl and Mrs Hyde have taken over your personality and you’re never sure who is going to show up.
  3. Never knowing when your period is going to start.
  4. Having periods every two weeks.
  5. Wearing different bra sizes for part of the month because of swelling and tenderness
  6. Totally no libido. And don’t touch me, my boobs are sore anyway...And geez it takes a long time to...
  7. Chocolate and carb cravings that are unrelenting.
  8. Heavy periods so bad you go through a box of tampons and pads on the first day or two - I’m kinda kidding and kinda not - this is real ladies!
  9. Cramps, cramps and cramps. The kind where you are sure there is an alien trying to get out...
  10. Feeling wiped out because of your period.
  11. On the birth control pill or any other hormone, to control acne, or any other symptom...

All of these symptoms are just that...symptoms!

Your body is trying desperately to tell you about a bigger issue. The bigger issue is generally not something horrible, but is some kind of dysfunction in the hormone system or the communication system of the body. Or, it may be how your body is not detoxing your hormones properly. Hormones, neurotransmitters and other cell signaling molecules can be out of balance and wreak havoc on our female bodies. This imbalance can cause and can be caused by inflammation.


Inflammation is caused by lifestyle stressors... YES! What you are eating, drinking, how you are moving, sleeping thinking and feeling will create inflammation or not, and can play a role in our detoxification processes, as well. In other words, the junk food, lack of sleep and water - right?? Yes...those things really wreck us, as women, when we ignore them for an extended amount of time. We expect our body to be like “On-Demand TV” - ready and waiting to get pregnant or have a big “O”... We have to treat our body’s like the special machines they are...

Here’s the cool thing...if your are ready for a change...I can really help you get to the bottom of your hormone imbalance issues.

I will take a comprehensive history, we will get some labs done, we can look at your hormones at a glance or in depth depending on what is going on. It can really be all about Y.O.U.! Once we establish the root or roots of the issue, we can get to work.


I will put together an all-encompassing lifestyle shift and personalized plan to work through all of your symptoms and heal your hormone hell.  We will meet monthly so we can assess the effectiveness of the program and supplements. It may take a few months, after all it takes a whole month to make any clear assessment of a protocol.  I would be an unrealistic doctor if I promised I could fix it in a month! I have to tell you like it is!

I will get your diet right and figure out what supplements you will need.

We may have to fix your gut first, then tackle your hormones.  The interesting thing is, sometimes, you clean up your lifestyle and gut, and POOF...your PMS or whatever, is gone! Or nearly gone...


Seriously, you do not have to live like a crazy woman anymore! You will love yourself more when you feel in control of your body again.  It has not betrayed you. Your friends and family will thank you too! Go ahead, get your consultation know you want to end this monthly madness...

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