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It's Time To Love Yourself!❤️

Tired all the time? Fatigue? Exhausted?
No ENERGY? No Motivation?
Labs "normal", you know something isn't right...

Functional Medicine: Personalized, drug-free solutions for Immune, Fatigue, Autoimmune, Digestive, and Hormonal Problems

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Now it's your turn!

Hey You! I'm Dr Kris Sargent, I'm here to help you get to the root of your issues and take control of your health.  As a Functional Medicine Physician and Coach, we will work together to accomplish your health goals so you can live a more vibrant, joy-filled, energetic life.

You have sacrificed your health and your body for your career and family. Take Back Your Body!

You Sacrificed Your Body for Your Career and Family, It's Your Turn...


Endless Energy


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Restor Blog

SLEEP Staring at the Ceiling? UGH!! You roll over and look at the clock for the third time…it’s 3am! Your mind is racing, you’re frustrated, and the harder you think about getting to sleep, the more impossible it becomes. There is so much added stress on you right now. The quarantine, finances, homeschooling, isolation, you name…
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Pay it Forward Is your mind racing, head spinning, heart pounding, overwhelmed? Are you unable to get good sleep, ruminating, unable to slow down and yet, paralyzed? A March 28th article in Medscape stated that 59% of people say this pandemic is having “a serious impact on their daily life.  Are you wondering what you can…
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New ZOOM Lingo The last few weeks have certainly changed all of our lives forever. Although I have been using a video platform to see clients for over five years,  you may be new to the whole online meeting thing.  There is nothing to be afraid of, it’s super simple and free for you. I…
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Self Sabotage: You Can Lead Yourself Through a Crisis I know we are in some crazy times right now.  So, crazy times require you to to do things a little bit different. And I’m sure that you have experienced some big differences in your life right now.  I know that having my kids at home…
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“My doctor ignores my symptoms and says my labs are normal.”

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“I am beginning to think I AM crazy, because my doctors have told me nothing is wrong, but I still feel like CRAP!”

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“Why do I feel like this? Ashamed, afraid, resentful...”

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“My doctor doesn’t listen to me.”

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“I'm angry because I'm excluded and uncertain.”



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Dr. Kris Sargent

You've Sacrificed Your Body for the last time

I've Been There...I Get It

PMS and Menopause, Hormone issues, Headaches, Frequent infections, Lots of antibiotics, Difficulty with weight loss, Post Partum Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, Gallbladder issues, Auto-immune symptoms – Yep, I have HAD them all! YES! In the past!

My story isn’t that different than yours. At 55, I am blessed to say I am now in excellent health. There have been many times through my life that my health HAS been an issue. When I was 8, I was so mistreated by my family doctor, I vowed in that moment, I would never see an MD like that again, and I would find a way to change the way patients were treated.

Now, with 27 years of experience, thousands of hours of practice, patients and programs, let’s get to the ROOT of your health issues and stop masking the symptoms. Let’s look at your labs from a functional perspective instead of just looking for diseases. Let someone really listen to YOUR story about YOUR health journey and create a clear solution. Come ON!! Take Your Health Back!

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