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SYMPTOMS | The Body’s Alarm System


If your fire alarm is blaring in your house or the lightning siren blows when you are in the pool, do you generally just ignore it? Of course not! So, when your body tells you something is wrong would you ignore those signals?? YES…I see it every day…


If that alarm or siren was going off, would you try shoving cotton or ear plugs in your ears so you couldn’t hear it? Or, would you want to find the cause of the alarm turning on in the first place and get away from it! You want to find the root of the issue.  In the case of the fire alarm - where is the fire and the hose to put it out? In terms of the lightening - if you are floating down the lazy river, you get yourself to dry land ASAP!


So why do we ignore signs and symptoms in our body?


Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating something is wrong. When we get a headache or stomach-ache, we are supposed to pay attention. We are supposed to notice and not blow it off.  When our back or neck and shoulders ache, it is a sign that something inside our body is starting to go awry. Pain is a signal that something is wrong. When we have diarrhea or vomiting, it is a symptom that the body is trying to rid itself of something disagreeable. A fever is there to tell you the body is fighting an infection.  Bacteria and viruses live at normal body temperature, and perish quicker with a fever. Hot flashes, heavy periods and PMS are also symptoms of hormonal or adrenal imbalance…


We have all ignored those signs and symptoms because they didn’t interfere with our normal life.  But, symptoms are not a disease, they are a signal. How long are you going to ignore it?