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Say Goodbye: My Top 10 Weight Loss Tips

Ever get totally frustrated with starting and stopping your weight loss journey? Up and down the same 10, 20, 50 or 100 pounds? Over and over? how do people lose then maintain? These top 10 tips are ones that skinny people use to get and stay skinny! Eat Frequently Eat every 3-4 hours and include…

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Healthy Human Habits Challenge: The 5 Basics Of A Healthy Life

Healthy Human Habits Challenge As another year comes to a close have you looked at everything you accomplished this year?  Have you taken a moment to celebrate yourself? Have you found gratitude in your life? OR Are you just frustrated with everything that didn’t get done, and the broken promises you made to yourself? Not…

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5 Innovative Strategies for Diabetes Recovery

So, you finally got the nerve to go to your doctor.  You’ve been avoiding it because you have gained some weight, okay, like 50 pounds, since the last time you saw him 5 years ago. You feel okay, a little sluggish maybe, you get sleepy after meals but you know you aren’t sleeping well, and…

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