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Hormone Balance

Hormone Balancing Part 2

Top 10 Hormone Balancing Tips: PMS, Menopause and Infertility Balance your blood sugar. This alone can re-regulate your cycle, decrease your PMS and Menopausal symptoms alone. Here are my suggestions: Lean Protein, Healthy fats, Vegetables and no more than about 2 cups of fruit. Eat 4-6 times per day. Skipping meals increases cortisol, which breaks down…

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Balancing Hormones without Hormone Replacement Therapy

  Balancing Hormones I used to call it Hormone Hell!  My hormone problem was what brought me to Functional Medicine 30 years ago when I was in chiropractic school. I literally had 2 different personalities a month. Dr Jeckyl and Mrs Hyde.  Premenstrual Syndrome wasn’t just premenstrual it was Whole-Month menstrual syndrome. Can you relate?…

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