Hormone Balancing Part 2

Top 10 Hormone Balancing Tips: PMS, Menopause and Infertility

  1. Balance your blood sugar.

    1. This alone can re-regulate your cycle, decrease your PMS and Menopausal symptoms alone. Here are my suggestions:
    2. Lean Protein, Healthy fats, Vegetables and no more than about 2 cups of fruit.
    3. Eat 4-6 times per day. Skipping meals increases cortisol, which breaks down your muscles to feed your brain, and causes spikes in insulin – both inflammatory and can cause hormone imbalance.
    4. Start your day with protein, fat, and 1/2-1 C fruit, NOT oatmeal!
  2. Heal your Leaky Gut!

    1. Leaky gut or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation, diarrhea cause hormone imbalances though inflammation. 
    2. Get rid of the grains and dairy, balance your blood sugar.
    3. Use gut healing supplements like several grams of glutamine, DGL, and aloe.

  3. Limit Caffeine. 

    1. I KNOW! I don’t like this one either, I love my caffeine however, it doesn’t like me!
    2. Hot flashes, mood swings, irritability sleep issues, and other symptoms may be attributed to this beloved substance.
  4. Get off the Birth Control Pill.

    1. I know!! No one likes this one either.
    2. However, any increase in estrogen can increase your risk of breast cancer, infertility, blood clots and heart disease along with other symptoms we have already mentioned.
    3. The diaphragm, the sponge, a Paraguard IUD (copper, without hormones), condoms, and natural family planning are just a few of the safer alternatives.
    4. Get all other toxic chemicals out of your house and off your skin. Skin care products can contain hormones even when not on the label.
    5. Toxic home cleaning products also disrupt thyroid and other hormones.
  5. Get more sleep. 

    1. 7-8 hours and this must start before 10 pm.
    2. Cortisol kicks in around midnight and can disrupt sleep, and getting to sleep.
    3. When you go to bed past midnight your flight and flight response never turns off.   Your body thinks you are being chased by a tiger all the time.
    4.  This causes it’s own set of hormone disruption bombs!
  6. Omega 3 Fats. 

    1. Frankly, the easiest way is a high potency EPA/DHA supplement, like fish oil containing EPA + DHA levels that equal or exceed 750mg.
    2. Look at your supplement bottle and figure out how many you need.  Quality really matters. Cheap supplements can be rancid.
    3. Also, eating chia, avocado, walnuts, organic butter or Ghee, grass fed animal products and using nut oils will also help.
  7. Take a high potency, superior quality multi vitamin and multi mineral.

    1. Take 2000-5000IU of vitamin D3 and have your levels tested regularly. Don’t worry about taking too much, if your levels go too high, you just stop taking it for a while then find a good maintenance level. Get out in the sun. 
  8. Supplement with adaptogenic herbs. 

    1. These herbs help balance your body and decrease mood symptoms, hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats.
    2. However, if you are not doing all of the above tips, these herbs will be less effective.
    3. Also, quality matters here too.  The cheapest herbs are cheap for a reason.
  9. Exercise.

    1. If you are not moving at all, you can find at least 30 minutes per day to move it!
    2. Even a simple walking routine will help reduce cortisol.
    3. Interval training 3 times per week for 20-40 minutes can also balance hormones.
    4. Yoga, Pilates and some light weight training can also be added. 
    5. The key is 3-4 times per week, frankly 1-2 times doesn’t really help, although better than zero.
  10. Meditation, Prayer, Gratitude.

    1. Some kind of spiritual practice daily, even for 5 minutes reduces stress and cortisol and improves your mindset. 
    2. There are a couple apps I really like and only take a few minutes per day, Happify, The Five Minute Journal, and Luminosity.
    3. I call this the “Think” piece of the puzzle. 
    4. What we think and how we think through our day can create or eliminate stress. Let’s choose eliminate! 

You need a structured program.  I offer several to fit your needs and budget.  Eat, Drink, Move, Sleep, and Think and Feel are the foundation of a healthy body. You don’t have to do it alone.  It’s more fun with friends on the same journey! Hormones can be balanced without HRT and these tips need to be added to any hormone balancing routine.  There aren’t any magic pills and my magic wand on Amazon was discontinued, permanently.  Lifestyle shifts can be made and we are here to make it happen for you!  Click here for our FREE HEALTH ASSESSMENT and 15 Minute Phone Consultation.