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Balancing Hormones without Hormone Replacement Therapy

  Balancing Hormones I used to call it Hormone Hell!  My hormone problem was what brought me to Functional Medicine 30 years ago when I was in chiropractic school. I literally had 2 different personalities a month. Dr Jeckyl and Mrs Hyde.  Premenstrual Syndrome wasn’t just premenstrual it was Whole-Month menstrual syndrome. Can you relate?…

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Natural Lifestyle Solutions for PCOS and Hair Loss

PCOS and Hair Loss

Natural Solutions for PCOS and Hair Loss PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, can be so maddening for you! Seriously, the shift from estrogen to testosterone has you losing hair on your head and growing hair in places us ladies really do NOT want to grow it! What is the root cause of this crazy hair growth…

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PCOS Weight Loss: The Magic is Emotion

PCOS and weight loss

UGH!! Another weight loss blog? It’s so confusing to know what to believe on the internet. I understand! And I’m writing this one anyway…PCOS Weight Loss: The Magic Emotion, to take a different approach to the first step of weight loss.  Let’s get your emotions into the game instead of using food to stuff them.…

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5 Innovative Strategies for Diabetes Recovery

So, you finally got the nerve to go to your doctor.  You’ve been avoiding it because you have gained some weight, okay, like 50 pounds, since the last time you saw him 5 years ago. You feel okay, a little sluggish maybe, you get sleepy after meals but you know you aren’t sleeping well, and…

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