PCOS and Hair Loss

Natural Solutions for PCOS and Hair Loss

PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, can be so maddening for you! Seriously, the shift from estrogen to testosterone has you losing hair on your head and growing hair in places us ladies really do NOT want to grow it! What is the root cause of this crazy hair growth and loss? The root cause is your lifestyle. The good news is you can take control, there is hope for you have PCOS and hair loss.

There are six simple foundational components of health:

  1. What you eat and
  2. drink,
  3. How you move,
  4. sleep
  5. think and
  6. feel.

Pretty simple, right? These six ingredients make up every cell, every muscle, every toenail, every hair, and every other part that makes up “YOU”. Until these foundational components of health are under control 90% of the time, you will not see a change in your PCOS or any of the associated symptoms. These components are critical for good health of your body. Get my FREE Ebook Unraveling the PCOS Mysteries.

What should I eat if I have PCOS?

The biggest influencer over any health condition is keeping your blood sugar even.  The Standard American DIet, SAD or Modern Urban Diet, MUD do not promote a healthy blood sugar balance.  The amount of carbohydrates is so high for most Americans, 70% are overweight and obese, and at least 50% of them have diabetes. Diabetes is actually breaking our SICK care system.

When you have PCOS and do not control your blood sugar, the excess sugar and insulin create inflammation, this inflammation causes estrogen to shift to testosterone production.  Higher levels of testosterone wreak havoc on the female body. Hair loss, hair growth where we don’t want it, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts…HELLO! Simple as that!

Lifestyle Must-Do’s to Solve PCOS and Hair Loss


  1. Eat frequently. 5-6 small meals a day.
  2. Each meal should have 250-300 calories and each snack 100-150 calories.
  3. Each meal and snack should have a protein, a non-starchy vegetable or 1/2C fruit and a small amount of fat.
  4. Portion sizes are important. Get a food scale! Snacks: 2 ounces of protein, 1-1.5C veggies or 1/2C fruit. Meals: 4 ounces of protein, 1.5-3C of veggies (depending on whether you exercise) and 1/3C Starchy veggies like potatoes, or sweet potatoes – for ONE of the meals, only veggies with the other meals.


  1. Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water.  Understand that caffeine and alcohol totally mess with your blood sugar, so one cup of coffee in the morning is fine. You will really need to stop the alcohol unless you are at a good weight, then only once a week – like 2 drinks.

Move, Sleep, Manage Stress

  1. Exercise is key!! Even a 30 minute walk can lower your blood sugar a lot! Commit to 30 minutes of moving your body every day!
  2. Get a regular sleep schedule. Your hormones need a minimum of 6 hours of sleep to be properly regulated.
  3. Handle your stress. If you have any mental or emotional stress in your life, you must handle it.  Ignoring, stress eating, shopping, binge watching tv, or whatever distraction you are using to NOT deal with your stress is only going to make it worse.

Now that you know the basics.  I wrote an ebook, Unraveling the Mysteries of PCOS.  You will find a lot more detail in the book, along with many more tips and tricks to heal your body from this crazy hormone imbalance.

Reach out

If you need to know more than the ebook info, and want to pursue the Functional Medicine route, request a FREE 15 minute appointment to see if you are a good fit for our programs.  I have seen so many women heal themselves, and I can’t wait to meet you! By the way, we do have video and phone appointments for our out of state or even local peeps…You got this!!


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