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5 Healthy Holiday Habits

5 Healthy Holiday Habits I don’t know about you, but I love a good holiday party. Mouth watering appetizers like hot, bubbly, cheesy, spinach and artichokes, on crusty bread; endless baskets of corn chips, salsa and guacamole, a great charcuterie platter…YUM! And with a good glass of wine, even better. Yes, I am a foodie! …

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Healing America: 5 Unique Solutions to End the Anger

Healing America: 5 Unique Solutions to End the Anger I’m probably one of the most patriotic chicks you’re gonna meet.  I can no longer sit by and watch our great country self destruct. Every week there are more incidences of Americans self-destructing and taking down others with them.  As I write this, we are going…

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5 Innovative Strategies for Diabetes Recovery

So, you finally got the nerve to go to your doctor.  You’ve been avoiding it because you have gained some weight, okay, like 50 pounds, since the last time you saw him 5 years ago. You feel okay, a little sluggish maybe, you get sleepy after meals but you know you aren’t sleeping well, and…

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Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet: The Ultimate Guide

Seriously, another blog about a gluten free and dairy free diet? I know! I have heard every whine and wale in the book! Another Gluten Free and Dairy Free Diet: The Ultimate Guide. “I can’t live without bread” “It’s too hard” “I feel like I have to give up my social life” “There’s nothing to…

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What is food sensitivity testing?

You have been prodded by your gastroenterologist and poked by your allergist and still they find nothing wrong. You have all kinds of symptoms and are sure they are related to some of the food you are eating, but you can’t get any answers. Then, someone mentions Food Sensitivity Testing… Before you roll your eyes…

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Are Functional Medicine Doctors Covered by Insurance?

Your Insurance isn’t about Health Healthcare in America has been turned inside out in the past 10 years, and even more in the past 3 years. Your deductibles have skyrocketed, $2000 to even $10,000, when just a decade ago, less than $1000 was common. Your premiums have also gone through the roof! Doubled and tripled…

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