How to Change Your Life…

What are you looking at? Not to be snarky, but what are you seeing around your life? Are you stuck? Not Heard? Or Constantly striving? Caught up in drama? Never enough time to get stuff done? Self Sabotaging behaviors? Never seems like enough? I totally understand these feelings!  Been there, and I’m also in the process of making some big life shifts…want to know how I’m doing it? It doesn’t happen by accident – you have to choose it. Want to know how to change your life in a blink?

I’ve been attending some seriously effective personal leadership and growth “seminars” since May. You may have already seen the changes – new office, soon to be new staff person, new business model for corporations, blog, Facebook Lives, IGTV – how does that happen? What parts of your life are you sick of when you really take a look? Here are my top 3 favorite ways to start looking at life differently and top 3 “how-to’s” to get you started. It’s your life and your choice!

Positive or Negative

First, are you looking for the positive in your life or the negative? Is your default to complain about all the stuff you have to do instead of hearalding your accomplishments? Are you only seeing the pile of clothes on the floor instead of the A in Spanish?

What about the fact that your partner took your car in for service but didn’t take out the garbage? Which did you choose to acknowledge? This is the first place to start.  Awareness of what is going on in your life and finding gratitude in where you are right now.

Strengths vs Weaknesses

Second, are you choosing to look at your own weakenesses instead of your strengths.  We all have stuff to work on.  I used to be a terrible avoider of things that I didn’t feel confident about – money, certain social situations, big schools – weird stuff right?

You know, if I don’t pay attention to it or acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist and maybe some magic fairie is going to fix it without any effort on my part.  Do you do that? We all have anxieties around some things, and this creates shame, a feeling of not good enough and poor self esteem or worth. Brene’ Brown, says shame gets in the way of you living your best life.

So, start looking for a new way to deal with your anxieties.  Just start looking at your strengths instead of everything you do wrong or that didn’t work out. Looking for your strengths is like a muscle, you have to start using it, and you will get better at it!

Wins or Losses

Lastly, are looking at your wins or your losses?  Are you actually playing it safe, not to lose or are you playing you life like you really want to win! Do you choose safe? Do you choose to bend because of WOPT – what other people think?

Check yourself, are you 100% sure that is what they are thinking? Is it possible you are making up stories in your head? We all do this! Just being aware of what you are thinking is HUGE!

Paying attention to the 60,000+ thoughts that run through our brains all day takes energy.  It’s easier to just go with what you have conditioned yourself to think is “just the way it is” and feel stuck. Becoming aware these stories will change your world.  Yes, change can be scary, but so is being stuck in the mud.

 3 of My Favorite Solutions

1. Gratitude.

When I started a recent challenge #last90days, with Rachel Hollis, I started writing 10 things per day.  Nope, not the normal two or three!  I really dug in and looked at what I am truly grateful for in my life.  YES, there are some ugly parts that many of you don’t know anything about.  Just know that choosing to see the positive will absolutely enhance you immediate mood, but will improve your optimistic outlook in the long run.

2. List your strengths.

Go on, no one is looking. NO!  It’s not bragging, yet! Once you list those strengths, at least 5, post them to your favorite social media.  Let everyone know you are loving yourself out loud.  Your friends already know how awesome you are, and others will learn more about you.

Seriously, especially you Ladies, it’s high time you started tooting your own horn because no one else is going to do it for you. This will also help you deal with your anxieties.  When you realize how much you have to offer this world you will begin to get a glimpse of how the Universe or God sees you.

Also, you can take Strengths Finder Assessment from Gallup to get some objective data. I use this in my Life Coaching sessions.

3. Listen to the conversation in your head.

Get familiar with the running soundtrack of your mind.  Is it a drama playing out every scenario with worry? Is it a horror flick where everyone is out to get you? Is it a torture chamber where you can’t live up to anyone’s expectations, especially your own.  This is my favorite one and I work diligently daily to know that I am enough and that the expectations I hold on to for myself are far higher than anyone else in my life.

These skills are pretty simple, and it is a beginning.  Digging in is sometimes painful, however, getting to the root of what you self sabotage, why you feel inadequate, or have a negative self image will literally allow you to really play the game of life and have some FUN!! But, as you release limiting beliefs you will feel lighter.

I offer Life Coaching along with Functional Medicine because getting healthy is just the first part.  Staying healthy and living a fuller life, longer, is really the big picture. It doesn’t happen by accident, you wont just wake up one day and be the person you dream to be.  It’s choosing something different. Come with me, Ill show you how you change your life in a blink.

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