Does Your Health Get in The Way of What God Wants You To DO?

Are you Ready to Have Your BEST Body For God? Yes? Keep reading...

These Ladies are on the journey to their BEST Body for God...


"My digestion hasn't been normal in over 20 years! I lost 20 pounds, have less knee pain and can be more active. I sleep better and have more energy"

B. Attorney
59 years old

"I know how to eat! I was pre-diabetic and I learned how to combine my carbs and protein for more energy and lower blood sugar. I'm almost off all my meds!"

C. Accountant
48 years old

“I can finally get to sleep at a normal time, I was able to change my mindset and reframe my habits, my self esteem is better, I let go of a lot of guilt and shame. I finally feel like I can really work in my ministry with clearer focus and more energy"

D. Christian Ministry
35 years old

Luke 12 tells us...

"Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning...The servants who are ready and waiting for his return will be rewarded."


"My hormones are finally balanced. I didn't know that my food and exercise would help my sleep, which then, straightened out my cycles, PMS and libido! It was like a miracle and not that hard! I can do so much more for my church. And bonus, my kids and husband are happier, because Mama is happier!"

J. Photographer
45 years old

"Even though I work in healthcare, I needed a coach to help me stay accountable. I lost that pesky 20 pounds, straightened out my food issues which fixed my digestion. I learned that everything is connected. Dr Kris also helped me see, over time, that I didn't need to carry the guilt and shame of my past."

G. Nurse
40 years old

Let's Get Your Body Ready for ALL that God has in Store for YOU!

That sounds amazing!


Would you like to...?

  • Feel vibrant and thrive vs just survive?
  • Feel energetic from the moment you awake?
  • Have mental clarity?
  • Feel I control of your food and mood?
  • Take control of your weight
  • Able to discern the Holy Spirit?
  • Get unstuck?

Do you want...?

  • Meal plans that are easy, healthy & taste amazing 
  • Sleep that is restorative?
  • Time to move your body?
  • A consistently positive mindset?
  • A better understanding of your purpose?
  • Deeper faith?
  • To hear God more clearly
  • A Fairy Godmother to make it all happen?

Well, the Fairy Godmother isn't available, but I am the next best thing! I bet you've been trying to do all of this on your own. I also bet it may be hard for you to ask for help. That can be so frustrating! Not to discourage you more, did you know that research shows that going it alone on lifestyle changes only produces about an 8% success rate?

I've been there! Overweight, tired, feeling out of control, stuck, anxious! For the last 15 years I've had a coach. I needed someone to be make a plan and stay accountable. Coaches can improve success rates up to 95%. And I'd love to be there for you.

 One of my favorite things is to take time to listen to your story. Your health history provides as many clues to your treatment needs as will the blood work we do as part of my program. And I offer you the time you deserve! I’m not constrained by the time factor as most PCP’s are these days.
I offer HEALTH care, not just care when you’re finally sick. Your body has the power to heal. Let's get your body to function optimally. Then, you can return to health, and have the vibrant, thriving life you deserve!.


Doing a new thing? Isaiah 43:19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. First: Welcome – Quick update before I move on to doing a new thing – 3 Yes’s… Yes, I moved…
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Traditional Medical Care Well, this is the way your traditional doctor sees your body.  Medical doctors in America are trained to find a disease so they can come in and “save” you with a pill or surgery. Admittedly, sometimes it’s necessary to be rescued. If you have acute mental illness, heart attack, injury, stroke, acute issues.…
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Stuck? Overwhelmed?
How many times have you started something new on Monday morning and by Monday afternoon you’ve already “blown it”. Sometimes, you even make it to Friday, and then… wine, or whatever throws you off for the weekend. You’re frustrated because you think you really want to
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Dr. Kris Sargent

You've Sacrificed Your Body for the last time

I've Been There...I Get It

PMS and Menopause, Hormone issues, Headaches, Frequent infections, Lots of antibiotics, Difficulty with weight loss, Post Partum Depression, Adrenal Fatigue, Irritable Bowel, Gallbladder issues, Auto-immune symptoms – Yep, I have HAD them all! YES! In the past!

My story isn’t that different than yours. At 55, I am blessed to say I am now in excellent health. There have been many times through my life that my health HAS been an issue. When I was 8, I was so mistreated by my family doctor, I vowed in that moment, I would never see an MD like that again, and I would find a way to change the way patients were treated.

Now, with 27 years of experience, thousands of hours of practice, patients and programs, let’s get to the ROOT of your health issues and stop masking the symptoms. Let’s look at your labs from a functional perspective instead of just looking for diseases. Let someone really listen to YOUR story about YOUR health journey and create a clear solution. Come ON!! Take Your Health Back!

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