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Fatigue Management Plan (Kick the Crap out of The Morning Fatigue)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Seriously, is it morning already? Uhhggg! You roll over and pull the covers up, snuggling into the warmth for just a few more minutes. Those glasses of wine are ringing in your head as the alarm goes off again…you drag yourself out of bed and to the coffee maker… your mouth is like cotton…your family…

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5 Surprising Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

I hear it all the time… “I’m doing everything I am supposed to do but I can’t lose weight!”… “I just don’t know what to do anymore…” I have been challenged with keeping my weight under control most of my life and I really get it!  It is super frustrating. I have learned some surprising…

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5 Innovative Strategies for Diabetes Recovery

So, you finally got the nerve to go to your doctor.  You’ve been avoiding it because you have gained some weight, okay, like 50 pounds, since the last time you saw him 5 years ago. You feel okay, a little sluggish maybe, you get sleepy after meals but you know you aren’t sleeping well, and…

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