Use Your BSA to Get Over Perfectionism


Get Over Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the most self-destructive, soul-sucking, self-becoming roadblocks in human existence. Sure, there are others. Perfectionism is found at the root of much wasted talent, and even more wasted lives.  The real root of perfection is actually the shame monster, which gets ahold of you and has you believe you can control more than what is possible. I will leave it to one of my mentor’s, even though she doesn’t know me, Brene’ Brown, to tell you all about shame. However, as a recovering perfectionist, I discovered BSA.  BSA is just one of the keys I personally use to get over perfectionism.

All or Nothing?

Have you ever done this? You start a diet, exercise program, or name any new habit and by noon, you have already “messed it up” in some way?

  • You vowed to drink 6 glasses of water before noon and you only drank 2. So,  you give up because you tell yourself you didn’t have a “perfect” day.
  • You eat a donut mid-morning because you are stuck in a meeting. You told yourself you don’t want people to think “blah-blah-blah” about why you didn’t eat a donut.  Then, because the meeting was horrible and and you already blew your day, you convince yourself you deserve to go to that new chic restaurant in the neighborhood, and have whatever you want.  Besides, you can start again tomorrow.
  • The next day or even later the same day, both leave you feeling ashamed of yourself for quitting.You may even grab more food at this point.

You know I love all of you, right.  You also know when I am about to pull an arrow out of my quiver and shoot you between the eyes.  Here it comes:

This is BS thinking! You literally justified your actions with total BS! Bogus Self-talk leading to Bad Self-esteem and Bad Self-trust. How can you trust yourself , if you keep giving up on yourself. this is a choice, NOT part of your personality.

It’s time to take a stand for yourself! Take the BS and turn it into BSA, Bold Strong Action!

The next time you “blow it”,  challenge yourself to see how fast you can take the next Bold Strong Action towards your new habit or goal. Feel into this for a minute…breathe…tell the BS monsters in your head to SHUT UP! Replace it with a BSA and get on with your day!  You can totally do this!  I created a Facebook Live about this very topic.