Healthy Airport Eats


Healthy Airport Eats

On my way home from a recent leadership training trip, I looked around at the food in the airport. Geez…you all make a TON of excuses about your food choices when you travel.  Watch out, this is going to be one of those blogs when I shoot the arrow between your eyes, so, if you’re squeamish or sensitive, just stop reading right now. There just has to be healthy airport eats.

Here it is… Here’s your justification….”Burgers/Pizza/insert my favorite junk food item here, are so easy, and after all, it is my “travel day”, I only have 15 minutes, not enough time to have a real meal…”  You have said these things to yourself! I am here to tell you this is just crap.

You actually DO have a choice when it gets right down to it, don’t you?? Just checking… I told you this one was not for the faint of heart.  It’s just going to be impossible for you to reach your health goals with this mindset especially if you travel for business, period.

Before you make a choice, ask yourself, “what would it feel like to have gained the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t consume a bunch of empty calories?” You can also use Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen’s, Stop, Challenge, Choose method.

5 Healthy Airport Choices

  1. Prepackaged nuts, protein bars, and other healthy snacks with you.  I could not find anything on the TSA website that prohibits snacks.  They must be in a container – like a baggie or sealable plastic container – of course you aren’t going to have random nuts hanging out in your pocket, briefcase or purse!
  2. Many airports have healthy options now. A plastic tray with carrots, cucumbers, celery and olives, along with a side of ranch is WAY better than that burger.
  3. You can also find fresh fruit and nuts at most airports.
  4. If you must eat choose a salad and protein, leave off the candied walnuts and raisons,  leave the vinaigrette on the side.
  5. If a burger is the only option, skip the fries and the bun, and drink sparkling water to feel fancy.

All of this comes down to one word.  CHOICE. What are you going to choose to do today?  If traveling for your job  is part of your daily world, it is time to choose healthy on a daily basis. I was told by a hotel rep that most hotels can furnish you with a small fridge if you ask.  Some will even give you a microwave. Tell them it has to do with a health issue.  I have tried this several times and it works.

Okay, take the arrow from between your eyes – I am on your side!  What you eat on the road really is your choice…you CAN choose to maintain your health goals everywhere you are in the world. You can totally DO THIS!