Just Change One Thing

Just Change One Thing

Mango. No not the fruit, my dog. I have an almost two year old Sheepadoodle. Since I never had a big dog before, I had no idea what it would take to train him. Needless to say, for the first few months, he pulled me down, took my feet out from under me and lurched at squirrels more times than I can count. Then I learned to just change one thing.

My failures

I tried many harnesses. So, I spent a couple thousand dollars on numerous trainers, and still poor leash behavior. It was super frustrating. One time he pulled me down backwards, I ended up with a mild concussion. I felt like I was stuck and out of options. Please don’t send hate mail, for my own safety, I got a pinch collar.  Honestly, I didn’t believe there was anything more I could do.

How to get a new perspective

Do you sometimes get so stuck you aren’t able to see any new options? Are you in need of a shift in your perspective and attitude? Proverbs 2 tells us we can call out for insight, and cry aloud for understanding. Have you ever taken a few moments to cry out to God? I mean yell, out loud and loud! Try it. If you're feeling a little sheepish about it, go outside or do it in your car. Cry out to Him. He is always there.

Then, to get your answers, go and sit down somewhere quiet, and just listen.  Uncomfortable, right? Give yourself time, it gets easier with practice. If you’re in your car, no radio, just listen. You will hear God, you may think it’s your intuition. He speaks in a voice only you can understand, yet, you must give Him space to answer. Start telling God where you're stuck.  He wants to meet you in your messy spots. You don't have to have all your ducks in line to ask God for help. By gaining some wisdom in this way, you will spark your forward motion.

New perspective brings new options

Recently, I hired a new dog walker. She didn’t like my leash solution, either. Anne had different perspective, and said she had a great harness that would work.  I laughed and told her I had tried other harnesses. However, I was open to new options. After their first walk, I had a new dog! He isn’t just happier on the leash, but also, in general. Just one little shift in perspective made a huge difference! See Mango's picture above.

What new perspective do you need?

What perspective shift do you need to make today? Have you taken time to lean in and listen? Or are you too busy creating less than optimal solutions for your life?

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