Pay it Forward

Is your mind racing, head spinning, heart pounding, overwhelmed? Are you unable to get good sleep, ruminating, unable to slow down and yet, paralyzed? A March 28th article in Medscape stated that 59% of people say this pandemic is having "a serious impact on their daily life.  Are you wondering what you can do to help yourself? Whatever words you use to describe it, anxiety feels terrible.  It's an emotion, akin to fear, that can take over your life, if you let it.  Before I get started, I want to say that there are people who need medications and professional help, there is a time and a place for both of those answers. I also believe you can control your thoughts and emotions. I have been able to overcome my anxiety and so can you!

We are living in unprecedented times.  You have a lot of uncertainty about any number of things in your life.  This is a major source of stress and anxiety. The Today Show featured a segment a couple days ago, as did  Fox News. So, in response to all of this I have created a mini-course, Calm Days and Sweet Dreams: Your Blue Print to Reduce Anxiety and Get a Great Night's Sleep.

This is a Buy One, Give One Free course.  So, when you buy the course you can give the course to a friend for free! Pay it forward to a HERO in your life, so they don't have have to suffer.

Top Causes of Anxiety

  1. Major Life Stress. We are currently in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  This is a major event.  You have certainly experienced the death of someone close to you, divorce, marriage, or having a child. Yes, you can feel anxious even when the event is positive..
  2. Thyroid issues. When your thyroid isn't working properly, your body chemistry is thrown off, this can cause feelings of anxiety.
  3. Heart disease or other chronic illness.  Being concerned about your health can cause anxiety.  This one is in your control, because we know that lifestyle is responsible for 70-90% of chronic disease.
  4. Diabetes. You can feel anxious, if your blood sugar goes low.
  5. Low vitamin D, magnesium and B-complex vitamins. Your brain and stress hormones can go awry without these vitamins.
  6. Poor sleep. Not sleeping well, or long enough will cause anxiety.  Your brain and stress system senses when you don't get enough sleep.  Your body will compensate by making adrenaline, this chemical causes anxiety.

Overcoming Anxiety

  1. Your thoughts determine your emotions. Get in touch with what you are thinking
  2. Your beliefs cause your thoughts.  What are your beliefs around a certain issue? In other words, if you know your blood sugar is off because you are eating too much sugar and crap, what are your beliefs around eating sugar? Is it comforting, even though you feel terribly anxious later? My new course, Calm Days and Sweet Dreams, can help you discover some of these limiting beliefs.
  3. Alcohol, caffeine and dehydration can cause anxiety for you. What are your habits?
  4. Are you maintains an even blood sugar all day? When you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods, your blood sugar ends up all over the place and so does your anxiety.
  5. Here are some ways to manage your finances and stress...

There are many strategies and tricks you can use to get a handle on your anxiety.  I have been through so many anxious times in my life and have figured out how to handle it, and actually became super productive during this particularly anxious time.  You can too! One of the ways to reduce anxiety is to help someone else. So, when you purchase my course, I am going to give you the opportunity to GIVE ONE TO A FRIEND FOR FREE!  If you know someone who is suffering you both can take the course together.  This is another strategy of successfully beating anxiety - go and tell someone how you are feeling! Please check out my course: Calm Days and Sweet Dreams: Your Blue Print to Reduce Anxiety and Get a Great Night's Sleep.