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AutoImmune Issues

Leaky Gut: The Root of Allergies, Sensitivities and Autoimmune Disorders Having a healthy gut is the first step to reclaiming your health. Think about it, the food and drink that pass your lips, go down your esophagus, into your stomach and through your intestines,  literally become your cells that make up the systems of your…

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Digestive Issues 101

Digestive Issues 101 Digestive issues can absolutely disrupt your life! Do you worry about where the nearest bathroom is located? Are you unable to tell anyone because you’re embarrassed?   It can be exhausting! On top of all of that your doctors don’t seem to be much help. I get it.  So, this blog will…

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Balancing Hormones without Hormone Replacement Therapy

Balancing Hormones I used to call it Hormone Hell!  My hormone problem was what brought me to Functional Medicine 30 years ago when I was in chiropractic school. I literally had 2 different personalities a month. Dr Jeckyl and Mrs Hyde.  Premenstrual Syndrome wasn’t just premenstrual it was Whole-Month menstrual syndrome. Can you relate? I…

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What is Functional Medicine?

Get Your Life Back with Functional Medicine Ever been at a party, someone tells you what they do, it’s something complicated and you stand there with a blank look on your face thinking: HUH?? I get that look all the time when I tell people I practice Functional Medicine.  So, to clarify what I do…

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What Labs Are Needed to Diagnose Thyroid Problems?

How Does My Thyroid Work? Part 2 What Labs Are Needed to Diagnose Thyroid Problems? Fatigued? Can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning? Have to take naps to get through your day? Dry skin, hair, nether regions? Constipated? Periods messed up? Mood swings? You have had some labs done, but your doctor tells…

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Use Your BSA to Get Over Perfectionism

  Get Over Perfectionism Perfectionism is one of the most self-destructive, soul-sucking, self-becoming roadblocks in human existence. Sure, there are others. Perfectionism is found at the root of much wasted talent, and even more wasted lives.  The real root of perfection is actually the shame monster, which gets ahold of you and has you believe…

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