Top 7 Supplements to Supercharge Your Immune System

Yes!  It’s that time of year.  Runny noses, cough, fever, fatigue, congestion and all that mucous! YUCK! Going to the traditional doctor may leave you empty handed.  Physicians are not so quick to prescribe an antibiotic for every runny nose these days.  For good reason.  Many of the infections we get this time of year are viral, which means an antibiotic just won’t help.  Your immune system needs some assistance during the winter months. To encourage your immune system fight that virus, and help your body heal, here are my top 7 supplements to supercharge your immune system.

  1. Vitamin D - The sunshine vitamin.  Just go to Florida for the winter and get 100,000IU of vitamin D per day! Oh, not practical? Then you will need to take vitamin D.  If you haven’t had your levels checked, ask your doctor, or me for a blood test. Most doctors just want it over 30, but to be optimally healthy, 50 is the number.  Who wants to be “just average” when you can be OPTIMAL!   I generally recommend 5-10,000IU per day for adults, especially if you have some seasonal depression, kids 2-3000IU and babies 1-2000IU. Vitamin D helps the immune system with the DEFENSE side of your immune system, and keeps things balanced so you can heal as well. Read Dr Holick for more info.
  2. Astragulus Membranaceous - This herb can increase your white blood cell count.  Your white blood cells are the army uncharge of defending the body against invaders.  During this time of year, it’s important to be able to mount a strong defense. This herb communicates with your immune system. Take at least 500mg/day.
  3. Elderberry - This herb can be taken as a syrup, as a cough suppressant. It can also be taken in capsular form (Sambucus nigra) to help with respiratory illness and to stimulate the immune system.  In capsules you may take 500 mg per day.
  4. Thyme Extract (leaves and flowers) - Thyme soothes sinus and helps move that gross mucous along. 300 mg may be a good dose.
  5. N-Acytyl Cysteine - helps break down mucous so it flows out of you better.  It is a natural decongestant.When mucous stops flowing, infections can take hold.  Like Shrek says, “better out than in”. 750mg is the recommended daily dose.
  6. Oregano oil - This can be a powerful “bad bug” killing herb.  You have to take enough of it.  Most of the time patients are only taking one per day.  With herbs you have to take more than what is recommended.   Most herbalists recommend 100-150mg 3-4 times per day. If you’re using the actual oil, place 3-4 drops under your tongue at least twice per day.
  7. Beta-Glucans - This supplement is found in yeast and medicinal mushrooms. This is for ongoing immune support. In the long run, prevention is the best way to stay health, Beta-glucans will help you immune system over time. 250mg/day may help.

Obviously, you should connect with someone who knows something about these remedies and understands your current illness.  Professional brand supplements are key to effectiveness. You can buy professional supplements here, with a 5% discount. Check out all the protocols!

If you have been sick for more than a couple weeks, and haven’t seen your traditional doctor, that would be a good idea.  Herbs are not necessarily incompatible with traditional antibiotics. Frankly, your traditionally trained MD or DO has probably not had a class in herbs or supplements.  I would be happy to steer you in the right direction.  I offer a FREE 15-minute phone consultation for all new patients.  Call me today and let’s find a convenient time to chat.