How to Overcome Awkwardness

AWKWARD! Have you ever felt awkward? You know that slightly embarrassing feeling that everyone is looking and judging, and you’ve been caught in all your humanness? We’ve all felt that way at one time or another. One of my favorite characters, Jonah, felt pretty awkward, so he ran from God. I did too. However, I've learned three important things about being awkward. First, awkward creates growth. Second, awkward equals unique. Third, awkward means moving forward. So, here's how to overcome awkwardness.

Awkward Creates Growth

You want embarrassing and awkward? Think about how awkward Jonah felt, as he ignored God and almost killed a boat full of innocent sailors during a storm, while he was "distracted" taking a nap?!

Awkward and distracted

How can you hear from God when you are so distracted?

I distracted myself and ran from God for a long time, 12 years to be exact, before I was stopped in my tracks by a world wide pandemic.  Now, I am facing the awkward, without the need to distract, I can clearly hear from God. I had to grow my faith, and follow God’s plan for my life. And, I've grown to the place where I can share what I’m learning without being concerned about what other’s think.  It only matters that I stay in line with what God thinks.

  • What are you using to distract yourself?
  • How long are you going to ignore God’s voice, your intuition?

Awkward Equals Unique

Did you know that your God-given uniqueness might feel a little awkward, at least in the beginning? How do you think it felt to be in the belly of a whale for 3 days like Jonah? Yep, that would be awkward, and then to be spit out on a beach near the exact place where you didn’t want to be? God had a unique way to get Jonah to finally listen to Him. He also has a unique way of communicating with you. There is no one like you on the whole planet!

My health and faith message is unique. I believe taking control of your health and taking care of your body allows you to serve God, yourself and your family better. I know that this new message is not going to hit everyone the same. This is a unique take on health and the Holy Spirit. Hang with me for a minute. If the Holy Spirit is to live in your heart, what is all that junk food doing there? Is this where you want God to rest? What if you’re in some kind of gluten or sugar induced brain fog, how are you ever going to connect with the Holy Spirit. When you stay healthy, you can serve better. Since the pandemic started, I have been able to be less distracted, listen more and serve Him with clarity.

  • Get quiet, get a journal, take a walk(without your AirPods) and listen your inner voice.
  • What is that inner voice telling you?
  • If you're honest, have you known it for awhile?

You can feel awkward and move forward in your life

You can feel awkward and move forward in your life

Awkward and Moving Forward

Have you ever felt awkward and instead of moving forward you took a step back because the discomfort was too great? I have. Jonah did.  He really doubted God was going to be with him once he got to Ninevah. Yet, he moved forward anyway.

This may seem weird, nevertheless, I was asked by God to start speaking for Him. I knew 10-12 years ago that I was supposed to start my public speaking career mixing faith and health.  Truth be told, I started, got scared and stopped. Yep, self sabotage at its finest. I got in my own way believing I didn’t have anything to say. (For more on self sabotage)

It felt so awkward sharing my faith message and my health message at the same time. After all, as a physician I was trained to remain impartial, particularly in politics, religion, sexual preference, etc. What I’ve grown to realize is I can love everyone, right where they are, because of my faith. AND I can retain my voice and personal preferences. So, now I am bringing my story out in the open in my new podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and on YouTube.

Spark Faith Podcast

I'm so excited to bring this to you...

What’s one place that you can be awkward, and grow?
Are you distracting yourself so you don’t have to listen to the Holy Spirit?
What makes you, YOU?
How can you take just one step forward?

If these questions feel awkward to you, and you would like to explore some answers, I am here for you.

I believe we don't have time to waste racing through life. And, that our spark and authenticity for life glows when we take control of our health. I help women match their inside and outside so that you can have the body, mind and faith you crave and be, do and have the life you desire. And it doesn't have to be complicated.

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