Virtual Office Visits

New ZOOM Lingo

The last year certainly has changed all of our lives forever. Although I have been using a video platform to see clients for over five years,  you may be new to the whole online meeting thing.  There is nothing to be afraid of, it's super simple and free for you. I use a platform called ZOOM, for the past three years. SO, in thinking about how to speak about these visits, I decided to have a little fun with the English language, I am a geek that way...

  1. Zeeting - A meeting using Zoom specifically
  2. Veeting - a video or virtual meeting using some other platform
  3. Zeeing - seeing someone on a Zoom meeting (Zeeting)
  4. Veeing - seeing someone on a video or virtual platform other than Zoom

Virtual Appointments Available

I have loved being able to connect with clients across the country. However, local clients/patients have now discovered there is great convenience in zeeing me in this way. You don't have to get a babysitter, fight traffic or even take a shower! Here is a link to schedule a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION. If you are new to Functional Medicine and have lots of questions, why don't you set up a time for us to chat?  You are under no obligation.  I'm here to help you get the care you need for your issue.

I would love to meet you and help you with any health issues you may be having at this time.  I am kicking off a new program called Calm Days and Sweet Dreams if you want to experience Functional Medicine before you decide to see me. If you have anxiety and difficulty sleeping that is the program for you.

In any case, I look forward to meeting you soon, and Zeeing how I can help you.